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Single Property Websites

Single property website

Single Property Websites

You need a way for your properties to stand out both with sellers and buyers. What will make your properties stand out in potential clients’ minds?

Our single property websites are designed to accomplish just that. We keep the property the star of our websites, meaning we don’t overcomplicate the design with distracting colors or links that would encourage your visitors to click away. We also offer custom domain names. This is an excellent way to emphasize the property address and make it feel special and unique for potential buyers. When it comes to marketing real estate, there are a lot of options these days. With social media, drone videos, and so many other possible things a realtor may want to do to advertise a property, it can be difficult to know where to put your marketing time and dollars.

In many cases, your best return on investment will prove to follow the rule of less is more. This may go against a hardworking realtor’s instinct to please homeowners and overdo their efforts.Unfortunately, big projects often become too complicated and don’t earn the return on investment you want.Truly connecting with buyers isn’t always about the flashiest media. In fact, this can often overwhelm some clients. So how do you stick out in a client’s mind with content that connects? Single property websites that showcase the buying points.

How Single Property Websites Steal the Show For Buyers and Sellers

In 2020, we have seen a turn toward minimalistic web design. There are so many flashy websites with overwhelming features that simply aren’t cutting it. Well placed white space directs the user where to look, gives the eye a moment of rest, and proves to be an efficient web design tactic for realtors today. Think of it this way: every single one of us wants to make the right decision. We want to choose healthy foods over greasy snacks. We want to get our rest and avoid wasting so many hours on social media.

The problem is that negative choices are often the easiest.The lesson here is that, for your clients, you need to make the right decision the easiest one for them to make. This applies to web design. You need to make it simple for your clients to know where to click and what to do.

You want your clients to contact you about properties. So why isn’t your “contact us” button the easiest thing for them to find?

As experienced web designers for real estate websites, we know where users look for this information and how to make it simple for them to make that choice. We’ve studied the strategies that improve conversion rate optimization (CRO) and we use that knowledge to help you get the best results possible. Our single property websites are designed to convert so visitors will want to get in touch.

It’s time to add single property websites that convert to your real estate marketing toolbox.

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