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All-in-One Real Estate Sales Marketing Solution

Features Included With Vertex Leads:

The magic behind our clients success. Our team of marketers will drive buyer/seller leads direct to your site so you can relax. Our marketing magic combined with your website equals industry best conversion rates and more leads than you can shake a key at.  
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A responsive website that works for you, designed specifically to convert leads and funnel them to you. Our website lead generation system also includes other metrics that allows you to manage and rank in our CRM.
Show relevant Facebook ads to your prospective clients automatically. Was a client recently browsing your site for a new 3 bedroom. Your Facebook ad will automatically remind them when they are browsing their social media. 
Allow your clients to see points of interest and ratings of nearby attractions. Increase interactivity and time on your site by up to 20% by using this tool. Yelp integration on your IDX site really lets prospective clients visualize the neighborhood and imagine how owning a home would feel. 
Personalized web applications allow members to leverage the power of their personal devices to interact with your listings and communicate with their agents. Apps also allow push notifications so you can send relevant info direct to your customers device in real time. 
Pre built email campaigns you can send to your customers to keep in touch and follow up. The number one thing to keep your clients is clear, concise, and constant communication. Don't let them feel forgotten with our automated email campaigns. 
Real Estate CRM
Our award winning CRM is ready out of the box for optimized real estate lead conversion. Track your prospective buyers and sellers from first contact to close and stay in touch every step of the way. Our CRM helps keep agents and brokers organized so they can focus on selling and meeting the needs of their client base. 
Property Valuation Tool
Our property valuation tool allows users to see estimated current and historic values of homes they may be searching for. This tool ads piece of mind for the large home purchase your clients are going to make with you further increasing conversions and value. 
Market REports tile
Market reports allow you to give those investment savvy buyers and sellers additional valuable information when the visit your site. This helps you become the expert in their real estate transaction and helps build your clients confidence in your abilities. Agents retention rate is shown to increase by 15%.
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