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There is one thing that sets the high producing agents apart from the average, scalability. The ability to consistently build your pipeline of business efficiently and convert prospects  Vertex Leads offers the most tools to help bring your business to the level of success you want. These tools are what the highest producing agents and brokerages around the countries are using to land the biggest and most profitable listings.

Lead Generation Website
A beautiful place for all of your listings to be shown to your prospective buyers. Automated lead generation to collect the important info from your prospective clients.
Dynamic Facebook Ad Engine
Automatically create Facebook Ads based on your website visitors interests and show it to the people most interested in your listings. All Automated! 
Vertex Leads
The Real Magic of your marketing plan. Our team of professional advertisers will drive hot Tucson traffic to your lead generation website. You will have exclusive advertising rights for any of your claimed zip codes.
Automated Email Campaign
Simple email campaigns ready for you to implement into your workflow. From grooming your current leads to simple follow up vertex leads makes it simple. 

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Vertex Leads In Arizona

Arizona is home to plenty of economic activities. To kick things off, this state is considered the leading producer of copper in the US, hence the name ‘Copper State’. On the agricultural side of things, cotton is the main crop grown here. It thrives well because of the semi-arid climate.

Did you know that nearly three-quarters of Arizona is owned or controlled by the government? It is the same government that has built dams to water the farms in the desert and provide power to the cities and its environs.

Due to the growing number of industries and agricultural activity, the population has increased drastically. Between 1950 and 1990, Arizona noted 5 times increase in population. The mild winter weather is ideal for retirees whereas the desert is perfect for anyone looking for better living conditions. Are you looking for a place to move to? Then you should highly consider Arizona.

Arizona realtors play an essential role in helping people find property to settle in. Real estate agent leads contribute immensely to realtor marketing efforts. To keep their lines full of clients, realtors must seek assistance from real estate agent leads companies. Below, we are going to discuss the criteria we used to identify the best real estate lead generation company in Arizona – Vertex Leads.

The Cost

At the top of our list is the price of buying real estate agent leads. Since this factor affects the budget of an agent, we ranked it as our main concern. There are some real estate lead generation companies that charge per lead, whereas others incorporate pay-per-click advertising in their real estate lead system. Irrespective of the method used, what matters most is the price. Vertex Leads surpassed our expectations with their low prices.

Lead Generation

Although leads can be bought from a list provider, Vertex Leads has various methods of generating leads. This includes pay-per-click ads, lead magnets, landing pages, and social media ads. Amongst the many companies we compared, it is only Vertex Leads that had more than one proven lead generation method.

Lead Nurturing

Despite this not being an essential aspect of lead generation, lead nurturing ensures Arizona realtors are able to convert leads to sales. In this criterion, we noted that Vertex Leads offers customer relationship management combined with essential marketing tools. This will allow you to stay in touch with both buyers and sellers.

Training and Customer Support

Additionally, Vertex Leads also provides customer training and support. This will help your customers learn more about their subscription. This training is available in the form of phone, email, and other online materials.

Ease of Use

There is no doubt that agents differ when it comes to the understanding of technicalities and technology. Fortunately, Vertex Leads is easy to use. Making it ideal for real estate agents with different experience and skill levels.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of Vertex Leads speak for themselves. A lot of agents have benefited from the platform and enjoy a consistent flow of leads.

From the above criteria, Vertex Leads emerged the best real estate lead generation company. Their prices are quite affordable, they also offer excellent training and customer assistance. As a result, agents enjoy more than a consistent provision of leads. Also, thanks to their customer relationship management, your odds of turning a lead into an actual sale are higher. Vertex Leads puts real estate agents on the path to success.