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Setting up a CRM-for Real Estate Leads

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Setting up a CRM-for Real Estate Leads

Every real estate agency is different, and that means the CRM software that’s best for your needs will also be unique. 

It's important to understand that the right CRM won't just be a tool for you to manage your leads. This is a tool to help you create the entire client experience.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can set up a real estate lead system for your business that will keep your realtors clearly communicating, your information safely stored, and will create an experience that will have your clients referring you to their friends.

Step #1: Create a Custom Entry Point For Your Funnel

Your CRM will have the ability to create custom boxes on the form. Would you like to know how many bathrooms they’re looking for? What their budget is? By knowing more about what your client is looking for, you’ll be able to sort your leads and contact them when an appropriate property is on the market. 

Potential clients will also see this and know that you’re paying attention to their needs and are honestly interested in helping them. 

Step #2: Contact The Lead

They’ve given you their information on the form. Now it’s time for you to give them a phone call, personally greet them, and let them know you’re excited to help them find the home of their dreams. 

Create a personalized experience as much as you can. Use what you’ve learned about them from step one.

Step #3: Watch The Market

As new properties are entering the market, enter their data into your CRM. The system will help you do things like set reminders for actions you need to take, alert you to clients in your lead system that may be interested in the new property, and help you keep everything organized and easily searchable.

Step #4: Contact Your Leads With New Information

The best real estate lead system will help you out by alerting you to the right times to contact your leads. As soon as you have the right property on the market, you can use your lead system to find the right buyers. 

The leads will have their own profile pages, so you’ll be able to pull the relevant information up before you make the call. 

Step #5: Consult Your CRM For Realtors During Closing

When you follow up with your buyers, your real estate agent leads system will have email templates you can use for sending follow up emails. You’ll be able to store your contracts as things progress. Use your CRM to keep everything organized and less stressful during this critical stage in your funnel.

Step #6: Add That FInishing Personal Touch

Make sure to end things right with your client. 

When you are a successful agent it can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on, but you know that a key to successful realtor marketing is to leave your clients happy and ready to recommend you to their friends and family. 

This is where a quality CRM for realtors can really help you out. Use your lead system to add in custom information, like the day your client is moving into their new home. Your system can help you do things like remember to send them a welcome gift to their new property. If you want to send them a card later in the mail, asking for referrals, this doesn’t hurt--and your lead system can help you remember the right time to have that done.

The Next Step: Choose the Best Real Estate Lead System For Your Agency

How do you choose the best CRM for your real estate agency?

From the list above, you understand that you need a quality system that will help you keep your entire funnel organized to create the best client experience. 

You’re a busy professional. You need a system that’s robust and able to perfect your funnel, while also being simple and easy to use. If six months from now you’ll still be learning how to use the system, then it’s a waste of your time.  The program wouldn’t be working for you; it would be something you’re working against.

You need a system that will handle the sales process, which means it needs to track your leads and keep you organized for all of your contacts.

Your system should have features like automatic notifications, bulk email validation, email templates, a calendar for appointments, and the ability to send our proposals and contracts. You should be able to send our drip email campaigns, set up automatically triggered emails and texts, and otherwise handle your marketing from your CRM. Yes, you should be able to do all of these things within the same dashboard, keeping things simple and streamlined for you. 

The most valuable thing in your business is your time. With the right CRM for realtors on your side, you’ll be more organized, more efficient, and more professional. You’ll save time while looking better at your job. It’s hard to consider benefits like that and not want to test out the right system to get your business on track for success. Cancel