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Guide to Texting Real Estate Leads

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Guide to Texting Real Estate Leads

Realtors Guide To Text Message Marketing

With advanced technology, the real estate market is changing. In the past, most realtors relied on phone calls to get potential buyers. However, as more people bought phones, real estate text message marketing became the new lead conversion technique. It is possible to increase real estate sales using text messages, especially if you know how to do it. Realtor marketing relies on text message marketing. Here is a realtor’s guide to text message marketing:

1. Millennial are messaging

According to NAR (the National Association of Realtors), millennials are the leading home buyers and sellers today. Social media has made it easy for millennials to keep in touch. In case one wants to get in touch in this era, messaging via Snapchat, Facebook or text is common, unlike in the past where most people called. According to a recent study by MobileMonkey, people between 20 and 40 years old prefer text messaging rather than calling!

While most people assume that sending text messages to potential clients is unprofessional, the current trend dictates otherwise. Most consumers are busy, thus prefer text messaging to save time and get vital information. In the US, 95% of the text messages are read after 3 seconds of receiving them. To make text messaging reliable, most people reply to these messages within 90 seconds! Text messaging is proving to be a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) tool for realtors nowadays as per TextRequest. Ergo, if you want real estate agent leads, consider incorporating text messaging into your lead nurturing and lead follow up. With the evolving real estate market, you have to keep up with advanced technology and trends.

2. Text potential clients to qualify and set a phone appointment

Unlike in the past, consumers are willing to exchange messages back and forth instead of picking up the phone. Did you know that text messaging gives potential clients enough time to think and reply to your messages? You can rely on text messages to convert your leads, especially if you know the right approach. Your initial text message should not only engage the lead but also qualify them to set a phone appointment.

It is essential to understand that phone calls will never die. However, consumers usually fear to pick up strange phone calls. It is easier to engage and qualify a lead via text then set a phone appointment rather than cold calling them. With text messages, you can learn more about your consumers, what they want or do not want, their motivation, and whether they are willing to buy the property, unlike making a call. Nowadays, consumers prefer enhancing 20 to 30 messages or more instead of picking up.

3. Text messaging is considered as the new cold calling

Cold calling was an effective marketing strategy a few years ago. However, as people adopt the culture of sending text messages, things are taking a new turn. In case you have an Inside Sales Agent (ISA), he or she can make hundreds of calls every day with minimal or low contact rate. However, with text messaging, it is easier to revive and re-engage your old leads.

Real Estate Agent Text Message Marketing Ideas
New modern age clients prefer (sms) text message marketing learn how to grow your agency and clients using Vertex Leads marketing software and systems.

To build a reliable real estate lead system, consider investing in text messaging. Remember, whether your business is stagnating or proliferating, having a database for future prospects is crucial. How can you build a database for future use? According to successful realtors, to convert leads already in your funnel, using real estate text message marketing is a better choice instead of investing in the Middle-of-Funnel (MoFU) or Top-of-Funnel (ToFU) opportunities.

What text messages should you send?

Real estate text messages are considered as the top of funnel activity in particular to your existing leads. The main reason why text messages are considered as ToPU is easy personalization. When you personalize text messages, you expect to interact and engage with a client to convert the lead.

How should the messages look like? A good text message should empathize with your lead, provide value to the lead, and always have a question at the end. Here are a few examples of such messages:

‘Hello! Since I have not heard from you in a while, I wanted to let you know that a few homes within your price range have hit the market. Can I share the information?

‘Hi, our team is on a quick search for homes you were interested in recently. If you are available, we can set up a time to meet or view these homes. When is your convenience?’

‘Hello, I hope you are doing well. Are you still interested in seeing a few houses this month?’

The three text message samples have a specific value proposition and CTA (call to action) to engage and help convert potential buyers. Remember to include a proposition and CTA when sending your real estate text messages.

How do you text your real estate leads?

Since you have established real estate text messaging as the ideal means of communicating with your leads, how do you go about it? Text messaging is easy and straightforward. However, for effectiveness, focus on the middle of your funnel or existing leads to get a phone call or in-person appointment.

Follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, analyze your customer relationship management (CRM) to know the leads who know you or are registered to your portal, site, or social media platform. Create a list of leads that have been unresponsive for the last 30 days. The main objective here is to convert the leads into phone calls or in-person appointments for future conversion.
  • Export the list to your CSV
  • Upload the CSV to a mass texting service for instance Structurally

What you need to know about scaling real estate lead conversion

After sending text messages to numerous unresponsive leads, you will eventually be overwhelmed with responses. The responses will vary significantly from ‘no thank you’ to ‘I will get back to you later.’ If you get a negative comment, appreciate the fact that you will save considerable time to focus on other potential leads. However, to save more time, a mass texting service like Structurally can automatically filter or opt-out, such responses!

Advanced technology has made it easy for realtors to qualify or disqualify every lead depending on the reaction/response. Structurely’s Aisa Holmes is an artificial intelligence that helps you upload numerous leads and automatically filters the responses. Your list of leads will be categorized into:

  • Responded
  • Not responded
  • Interested
  • Not interested
  • Needs an agent to follow up

If you incorporate real estate text message marketing and tools like artificial intelligence, it is possible to increase your conversion rate exponentially without spending a fortune in lead generation or advertisements.

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