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B2B Marketing For Realtors

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B2B Marketing For Realtors

I work in B2B marketing – it helps define me, and put me in a pigeonhole – people can easily understand what I am about.

I love B2B marketing – I think it it is more challenging, and ironically, more human than it’s B2C countrepart (it talks to fewer people in a more meaningful way).

What I don’t love, is the B2C lie that is filtering through the marketing industry…

“B2B marketers are lagging behind their B2C counterparts”

Lead Generation for Realtors

I read this every day without fail. and it really gets my back up…

Because as a consumer, I witness B2C marketing first hand everyday, and the majority of it is drivel…

It is marketing that is, poorly executed, faceless, meaningless, style over substance. It doesn’t inspire me to be a better person, it doesn’t propel me to consume and it definitely doesn’t inspire me to be a better marketer.

So where does this message that B2B is behind B2C come from? B2C marketers…

They sit aloft in their ivory tower and proclaim their video marketing and social media following to be superior. They have more video content and they have greater social media interaction… because they operate in a different market.

B2B marketers should use video more, but only when it is helpful. Social media is different kettle of fish – we have less interactions by volume, but when we do interact, we have more meaningful interactions – because in all likelihood, our target audience is smaller and a little more hesitant in nailing their colours to the mast.

I firmly believe that the non-inbound (not ready to call it outbound yet!) marketing approach of the majority of B2C marketers is dying out, and yet we are supposed to be following their lead?

I think it’s time B2B marketers to stand proud and show what we are made of – my marketing has meaning and I do not believe that the B2C approach should be admired by B2B marketers.

The best marketing advice I read is from B2B marketers and I think that because our markets are harder to reach and it’s tougher to create meaningful interactions – we try harder. There is no copy and paste approach.